Who I was before is not who I am now. I used to be out of control, angry, and had no respect for authority. I am now in college and working two jobs. If I had never went to the Y.E.S. House this is not who I’d be today. I learned a lot while in the Y.E.S. House. I learned how to control myself in what I do and what I say, how to positively interact with others, how to be more accountable for my actions, and a better person all around.

I had both family and individual therapy while in treatment and both were extremely helpful and encouraging. I can say for myself that upon release from the Y.E.S. House Boy’s R.T.C, I was a different person. I had a lot of hardships and challenges after I got out, but they were so much easier to overcome. I set my mind to be the person that I wanted to be and worked for that goal with pride and dignity. I was taught that who others want me to be isn’t who I am or will be unless I choose to be that person. I am who I want to be and I make my own decisions.

For the most part, the staff was great. Everyone has a different personality, so some were much easier to talk to than others, but all of them were there to help at any time. I had a few Case Managers during my stay, and all of them went well above the call of duty to help me out. I believe they can help anybody. After my experience there, I now have a goal to become a youth advocate or some member of law enforcement. If I could just help one person to change their life the way mine was changed, then the long hard work of all of those at the Y.E.S. House would pay off and I would know that I was a part of helping someone to better themselves. –A.W.

This testimonial is on behalf of my grandson Cody. The compassion, genuine concern and unceasing patience demonstrated by the staff of the Boys Cottage were instrumental in Cody’s completing the program.

Upon entering the Y.E.S. House Boys Cottage; Cody was a very angry, rude and defiant young man who had no respect for authority and no trust in adults. These behaviors were as a result of abuse, neglect and abandonment in early childhood. Chemical imbalance is also a factor. Cody’s low self esteem and belief system was that-if his behavior was bad enough, people (adults) would just throw him away just like every other time before. Through the hard work, diligent administering of rules, consequences and compassion Cody has developed skills for coping with his anger problems. Cody was evaluated to address the issue of chemical imbalance. He was monitored regularly (bi-monthly) to determine medication needs to correct this imbalance. Although drug use was not Cody’s area of concern, the behaviors learned from being in a drug environment from ages 2 to 12 were unacceptable for living and achieving success in the public environment. Cody attended group therapy for addressing drug use and the behaviors associated 3-4 times a week. He also attended individual therapy weekly and family therapy weekly. As a result of individual therapy Cody has overcome extreme fears and continues to mature in his decision making. Family therapy encouraged open and honest communication with family issues. The parenting class that Cody and I attended was an awesome program that improved our ability to communicate and address our issues in a nurturing manner.

The staff at the Y.E.S. House Boys Cottage have become like extended family to us. The treatment program has instilled values, self worth, respect for self and peers, trust in adults and the impact of rewards and consequences that had been missing in Cody’s life prior to this program. Cody and I continue to use the structure of the Y.E.S. House to establish rules, consequences and resolve conflicts. –D.R. (Grandparent)

The Y.E.S. House and Independent Living program do a lot to help kids with anything they can, and they have done a lot for me. The Y.E.S. House has helped me with many personal and family problems and for that I am grateful. Independent Living has helped me time and time again with standing on my own two feet. In Independent Living, I have learned many life skills. Things like budgeting and checking accounts as well as pregnancy prevention and housing. The Y.E.S. House and Independent Living are both great, and I have been very lucky to receive their help. Thank you Y.E.S. House and Independent Living for always being there for me. –A.W.

The Transitional Living Program at the Y.E.S. House has been a great success for me. The program has allowed me to grow, and succeed more than I ever saw possible. Through the program I was able to get into my first apartment easily. The program helped me out by donating the essentials I needed. Also, the program showed me the resources that were in our community that I could utilize to help make life easier for me. Had it not been for the program I would have been an 18 year old homeless, dropout, and house jumping from friend to friend. The Transitional Living group gets together every week to discuss life matters such as money, jobs, and health to help teach you how to be a responsible adult. I would recommend the program to any teen that needs that extra boost in life, or is in need because they are at risk of being homeless. –J. M.