Make A Donation


Together we can… help a child stay in school and/or graduate high school.

Together we can… give a child a safe home (foster care).

Together we can… teach a teen how to stay away from drugs and alcohol.

Together we can… give a homeless teen a safe place to stay.

Together we can… teach young adults what it takes to be successful living on their own.

Together we can… give families a place to learn how to create a positive environment.

Together we can… help a struggling child before serious behavioral problems become lifetime habits.

In 2014 the Y.E.S. House served 995 children and their families. In 2015 we are estimating that we will serve over 1,000. 72% of the children that come to the Y.E.S. House have been victims of some kind of abuse, and 78% have a history of substance use. The compassionate professionals at the Y.E.S. House really care about the kids, and help them to build a positive and drug free future.

Donate now and help kids and families make better choices and make a better future for all of us. Because together we can!

Questions about your donation? Contact us at 307.686.0669