About Us

The Y.E.S. House (Y.E.S., Inc.), a private, non-profit agency, is located in Gillette, Wyoming. Services are provided to young people, ages 5 to 24, and their families in the state of Wyoming. Our goal is to keep families together whenever possible and appropriate.

Y.E.S. House Mission:

“Empowering Youth and Families to achieve lifelong success”

Crisis Shelter & Project Choice

The Y.E.S. House Crisis Shelter is available to youth ages 10 to 17 and their families on a 24-hour basis. While at the Crisis Shelter, youth continue to attend school, participate in corrective thinking and life skills groups, study time, volunteer in the community, and do chores. The average length of stay at the crisis shelter is 6 to 10 days.

Day Treatment

The Y.E.S. House Outpatient Day Treatment Program serves youth who are transitioning from out-of-home placement (court involvement), are in need of treatment, and those who have been or would be expelled or suspended from public school.

Education Program

The Y.E.S. House Education Program is accredited by the Wyoming Department of Education. The school staff provides a structured, individualized and supportive educational setting for the 7th through 12th grade for court ordered placement and public school clients.

Therapy Programs

Therapy plays a large portion of most Y.E.S. House programs. By helping youth and their families communicate better with their own emotions and within family units, they can begin steps to overcome their own challenge and empower themselves to make changes.

Group Home

The Group Home provides physical safety, meaningful learning experiences, and the opportunity to grow continuously. The group home is a place where every youth is accepted for who they are. The youth’s case plan is individualized to fit her/his...

H.O.P.E. Nurturing Parenting

H.O.P.E. (Helping Our Parents Excel) Nurturing Program provides families the opportunity to build healthier relationships.

Impact Mentoring

Mentoring is the presence of a caring individual who, along with parents and/or guardians, provides youth with support, advice, friendship, encouragement, reinforcement and a constructive example to help youth succeed! They are committed individuals who volunteer one hour per...

Independent And Transitional Living Programs

Independent Living Program: All adolescents receiving services from Youth Emergency Services, Inc. will participate in our Independent Living Program. The degree to which the adolescent participates is based on their individual case...

Learn & Grow

Learn and Grow is an EXCITING, fast-paced enrichment program serving elementary kids in Gillette. If you want your child to build a rocket and see how high it flies, construct a robot out of Legos, make a fake...

Residential Mental Health & Substance Abuse Treatment

The Y.E.S. House provides residential treatment services for boys and girls ages 10 to 17. This program is for youth who need treatment for substance abuse and/or mental health. Youth are supervised on a 24-hour basis by trained staff...

Our facilities include:

– Crisis Shelter
– Boys’ Residential Treatment Center
– Group Home
– Girls’ Residential Treatment Center
– Transitional Living House
– Tammy Hladky Center of H.O.P.E.
– Therapeutic and administrative services

Referral and Admission

Admissions to the Y.E.S. House vary by program including self contact, the courts, law enforcement, schools, parents, or anyone concerned about a child in trouble. Concerned individuals should contact the Y.E.S. House with any questions; or if they would like to make a referral to our programs.

Children are referred to the Y.E.S. House for a variety of concerns including, but not limited to:

Wellness Policy

Y.E.S. House shall promote resident wellbeing and academic achievement by supporting quality nutrition and physical activity as a part of the daily environment. The program recognizes that collaborating with parents, residents, Y.E.S. House personnel, health professionals, and community member is the most effective method of creating a healthy environment where children can learn about and adopt positive lifestyle habits that are essential for them to achieve their full potential, as well as lifelong good health and wellbeing.

*Youth Emergency Services offers free and reduced breakfast and lunch meals to qualifying clients/individuals.