H.O.P.E. Nurturing Parenting

H.O.P.E. (Helping Our Parents Excel) Nurturing Program provides families the opportunity to build healthier relationships.

Families attend 12 sessions in which multiple skills are presented, studied, and practiced. Families learn about the biological, emotional, social growth of adolescents, and how this affects decision making abilities, self-esteem, and social and emotional relationships.

Parenting classes include lessons about communication, praise, personal needs, personal power, and trusting relationships. Families learn about negotiation, compromise, problem solving, and decision making. Families have a chance to practice setting rules and consequences that will meet the needs of their family. They also get to practice recognizing and understanding their own feelings, how to honor those feelings, and value the feelings of the other members of their family.

Other pieces of the nurturing program educate about teen sexuality, drug and alcohol use in families, violent and possessive relationships, understanding and managing anger, and handling stress. These topics are presented from a healing point of view and assist in self and family growth.

The H.O.P.E. Nurturing Program helps families grow together in positive ways. We help families learn to talk to each other again, and more importantly, to listen to each other. Our goal is to give families tools to help them grow. Nurturing builds love and trust. These are the characteristics we hope our families will use to describe themselves.