Independent and Transitional Living Programs

Independent Living Program:

All adolescents receiving services from Youth Emergency Services, Inc. will participate in our Independent Living Program. The degree to which the adolescent participates is based on their individual case. They are taught basic life skills: general nutrition, home management, preventive health, financial management, setting short and long term goals, natural highs (having fun without drugs and alcohol), dealing with adversity, conflict resolution, self-respect and values.

Young people are eligible through age 21 to receive life skills training, educational services, housing assistance, financial, personal and emotional support. An independent living assessment will be given, and areas of improvement will be identified. The individual, along with their independent living case manager, will create a program designed specifically for them.


Tara Trenholm

Transitional Living

Transitional Living Program:

The Transitional Living program helps runaway and homeless youth gain necessary skills and achieve their goals in order to become responsible, independent adults in the community. The young people, ages 16-21, receive life skills training, educational and career support, housing assistance, counseling, and preventive health trainings.

Youth under age 18 are eligible to be housed at the Crisis Shelter and/or Group Home until they reach the age of 18. Young adults are assisted in finding a permanent, affordable apartment. All participants attend life skills group weekly, and work one-on-one with their case manager to set and achieve their goals.