COVID-19 Procedures Effective June 1st, 2021

The Y.E.S. House will suspend mandatory mask wearing effective June 1st based on the expiration of Wyoming public health order #1 effective 5/31/2021.  Mask use will be voluntary for staff, clients, and visitors going forward.  We, as an agency, will continue to monitor the health and wellbeing of our staff and clients and we will continue to adjust our procedures to ensure the continued wellbeing of those associated with our agency.

 We cannot thank you enough for your diligence during this pandemic.  As we proceed, we must all stay vigilant in reducing the risk of transmission of cold, flu, Covid-19 and other infectious diseases.  We will continue with the following precautions to protect each other and our clients.

  • Staff and clients, at their discretion, can wear a mask.
  • Staff are encouraged to stay home if you are sick or symptomatic.
  • If you have symptoms that correlate to those of COVID-19, the agency has Vault-COVID tests available for staff’s use free of charge.
  • If you are not sick but do not feel quite up to par or think it may be allergies, please wear a mask as a precaution to protect others.
  • Programs and staff will continue frequent cleaning and sanitizing of all surfaces.
  • Staff and clients are encouraged to social distance and wash their hands frequently.
  • Residential programs and the Center of Hope will continue to conduct screenings of staff and clients that will include taking temperatures and answering screening questions.
  • We encourage staff and clients who are eligible, to consider being vaccinated as an additional safety precaution.  Vaccinations continue to be available at no cost through Public Health or your health care provider.

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